Why cold therapy?

🧊 Enhanced recover

🧊 Reduce inflammation

🧊 Reduced muscle pain

🧊 Improved sleep

🧊 Energy boost

🧊 Stronger mental strength

🧊 Boost in mood

🧊 Boost in immune system

How long is the shipping time?

- North Island shipping is overnight for orders placed during the week

- South Island shipping is 2-3 days

For more info on shipping check our shipping policy.

Ice Tub specifications?

🥶 Measuring 75cm x 75cm, the tub can fit people up to 6'5'' tall 

🥶 It is equipped with five layers of insulation to keep the cold in and warm out

🥶 The tub is UV-resistant and the insulated lid and weather cover keep any debris out

Is Lane NZ based?

Yes! Lane is 100% owned and operated right here in the beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand

Where Are the Ice Tubs made?

Although our Ice Tubs are not made in New Zealand, we work very closely with our overseas manufactures to ensure a high quality and durable product is delivered.